Rule #5 The Rules apply to all ministries even if you think your organization is “unique”

This is a dicey little rule.  I think I may have run into more trouble with this one than, perhaps, just about any other. When I hear a trustee, president or development officer tell me that their organization is “unique,” I shudder.  I generally know what’s coming next…her or his rules about not following the rules!

Now, I’m not so far gone that I’m totally unaware of the nuances and voices unique to each charitable cause.  Every ministry is unique.  I fully understand this.  What gets me into trouble is I must have some kind of messianic complex that keeps me from walking away from organizations who believe that they get to make their own rules.

One of the most common breaches of this rule of fundraising is trying to be too subtle in asking your donors for money in a direct mail letter, e-mail blast or on-air spot (if you’re using broadcast)…

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